Boat Cruises Common Questions - Washington, DC

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Boat Cruises Common Questions - Washington, DC

Where do we board the yacht?

At the dock at the Washington Harbour in Georgetown. We will board in the commercial vessel boarding zone at the Georgetown Waterfront at the end of 31st street. This is located at the river in Georgetown at 3100 K St. NW DC, 20007. Walking from K St., turn south onto 31st St and take it all the way to the water. If you are looking at the river from the Georgetown Waterfront, the Boomerang will pull up at the end of the dock, all the way on the right. Upon boarding the vessel, our crew will be checking IDs, so please have those ready to go.

Is there parking near the dock? How do I get there?

Yes! In addition to on-street parking, there are 20 parking lots and garages in Georgetown with over 3,800 total combined parking spaces.  You can visit for detailed information.  You could also take a cab directly to the Georgetown Waterfront, and for bus and Metro information, please visit:

How will I know which boat is Boomerang?

Our reserved docking time is 30 minutes past the hour, so if you arrive early, you will not see our vessel tied to the dock. Have no fear, you will see us close by on the river waiting our turn to dock at 30 minutes past the hour. Our vessel is tan & blue and it states ‘Boomerang Yacht’ on each side. For photos of our vessel, please look to the top of this page and throughout the website.

What is the layout of the vessel?

The main cabin has large open windows, along with our DJ, dance floor, bar, captain’s room, and three bathrooms. The outdoor areas of the boat include the stern (back of the boat, lower level), and the large upper deck. Due to Coast Guard regulations, the upper deck does not accommodate more than 90 passengers at a time because of weight restrictions. Most passengers circulate throughout the vessel so that everyone has the opportunity to explore all areas of the yacht – and we encourage you to do the same! We do not have a bar or bathroom on the top deck to further encourage full circulation throughout the boat. Once the top deck is at capacity, we operate a 'one up, one down' system. All areas of the boat are great, and most guests bop throughout the boat naturally during the cruise.

What if someone in my party misses the boat? Can we go back to pick them up?

Unfortunately, we cannot go back to the dock to pick up any latecomers because docking times are reserved for other commercial boats throughout the hour, and we are not allowed on the dock outside of our assigned time. Please plan ahead for parking and traffic. Thank you!

Can we bring our own alcohol?

No. Passengers cannot bring outside beverages as we are operating a full bar inside the main cabin. We could lose our liquor license if outside alcohol was consumed on premise, so our crew will be checking for those items prior to boarding, if necessary.

What are the drink prices like?

We operate a full bar accepting cash and credit cards. Our beer, wine, and cocktails range from $5-$8. We have a free water cooler for your convenience.

Can outside food be brought aboard?

No. We recommend that our guests eat lunch or dinner before or after the cruise. We do not have a galley (kitchen) on board, and we are not a dinner boat, but we do have pre-packaged snacks available for purchase. (Our options vary, but examples could be: chips, pretzels, popcorn, nuts, etc.)

Is there a pre or post party spot that you recommend?

Yes! If you are looking for a great place for brunch, lunch, dinner, or drinks before or after your cruise, we would recommend the nautical themed Orange Anchor Dock Bar for a great place to start or end your night! Located next to the fountain at the Georgetown waterfront, this happening spot is just steps away from your boarding location.

What should I wear?

Although we do not have a specific dress code for this event, we encourage you to look your nautical best! We love when groups of friends show up in a funny theme. You are also more than welcome to sport beach attire in the warm summer months. Note: high heels are discouraged since cruising the Potomac can create an unstable environment.

Which historical sights will I see during the trip?

All the good ones! You will be able to see the Georgetown waterfront, boathouse, and University, the Watergate, Kennedy Center, Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, the Pentagon, entrance to the Tidal Basin, Hain’s Point, the Custis Lee Memorial, Key Bridge, and the Memorial Bridge.

Is this a tour boat?

No, we are not your traditional boat and we do not offer a narrated tour. Instead, we will be keeping the party alive as we cruise by all of the historic sights while enjoying the beautiful DC harbor views!

Are there bathrooms on board? 

Yes!  We have three bathrooms on board.

What happens if it rains?

Our events are rain or shine.  We have both outdoor and indoor space, so be sure to plan ahead for all of the elements.

Can I buy a ticket on the dock?

The Boomerang Yacht usually sells out in advance, so unfortunately the answer is most likely no. However, we never want anyone to miss out on a trip on the Boomerang, so if there is a “no show”, we would be willing to sell a ticket on the spot.

What happens if the Boomerang is sold out?

If the party yacht is sold out, don’t forget that you can also cruise on our Pirate Ship!

How long will the cruise last?

Cruise times change, so this depends on the cruise that you choose. Most cruises are between 2 - 2.5 hours and the specific cruise times and durations are listed on each ticketing page.

What do I need to bring?

Make sure to bring your valid ID, cash or credit cards for drinks, snacks, or souvenirs on board, and a camera if you'd like. Wear practical shoes since you are boarding a boat, bring your best smile, maybe a hoodie if it is chilly, beach attire if it’s sunny, and you should be good to go!

Do I have to be 21 to ride?


Is the boat Coast Guard certified?

The Boomerang Boat is a United Stated Coast Guard certified vessel and safety is our number one priority. If anyone is acting unruly or is harmful to themselves or others, the boat will return to the dock and our security will have these guests removed. In addition, we have the right to deny boarding to any person at any time. Safety is our first priority and entertainment is our second, so please sail responsibly.

Is smoking permitted?

We have a designated smoking area at the stern (back) or the boat. Smoking is not allowed in our main cabin, on the top deck, or on the bow at the front of the boat.

Can I board if I am visibly pregnant?

We are on moving vessel which creates as unstable atmosphere. If we feel that it is unsafe for you to board due to your pregnancy, or any condition, we may ask you to sign a waiver, or we may recommend that you to make alternate plans. We have your best interests in mind when making this decision.

Will I get seasick?

Most likely no. The Potomac River is very narrow and it is usually a very calm waterway.

Is the boat wheelchair accessible?

The dock at Georgetown does not have wheelchair access due to tidal changes (which alter river levels) throughout the day. 

Can I rent out the entire Boomerang Yacht for a private party?

Yes! Please visit our charter page for more information and to contact us directly.  Don’t forget that we also have a Pirate Ship available for charter too, matey!