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I have a group of friends signing up – how do you make sure we are all on the same bus?

You and your friends should select a ‘group organizer’ within your group.  During the ticket process each guest will be asked to reference their organizer, and then we use this information to assign you all to the same Boomerang Bus. 

I want to have a party on board with a big group. What steps should I take to make this happen?

Send out the ticket page for your tour of choice (www.zerve.com/boomerang/calendar) to your group of friends including the date you are having your party, and a note asking them all to reference your party when they purchase their tickets. You can send us an email, anytime you would like an update on your guest list.

Can I purchase tickets for everyone in my group?

Yes! Many party organizers do that to prevent the bus from selling out before everyone in their group has purchased a ticket. Please do make sure that your guests are aware of all of the policies associated with the activity.

How much does the Boomerang cost?

The cost of a Boomerang ticket varies depending on night and the tour.  To see a full list of our tours, please visit www.zerve.com/boomerang.

Is there a group discount available?

Most people that come on the Boomerang are in groups, so we have already factored that into the cost of the ticket. If you have a group of 30 people or more, then you may want to consider renting a bus privately. Check out the Groups & Charters page for all of that information, or give us a call at 202-557-9896.  Don’t forget that we also have an eight passenger Boomerang Limousine too!

Do tours sell out, and if so is there a waiting list?

Tours do sell out, and often well in advance, so once you decide on a date, please make sure to purchase your tickets before we sell out. We rarely have “no shows”, so it is not common for us to keep a waiting list.

Can I buy a ticket at check-in?

The Boomerang Buses usually sell out in advance, so unfortunately the answer is most likely no. However, we never want anyone to miss out on a trip on the Boomerang, so if there is a “no show”, we would be willing to sell a ticket on the spot.

Who will be on board the Boomerang during the tour?

On every trip there will be a commercially licensed and experienced driver, as well as one or two party hosts (depending on the tour). In addition to the Boomerang Team, there will be anywhere from 15 - 40 other guests partying on board the Boomerang with you!

Can I go on the tour alone, or do I need a group?

Either way is always a lot of fun!

Will I be able to eat on the bus, or bring food on the bus?

Food is not allowed on board the bus during our nightlife tours. We have found that guests are much happier without food being present on the bus.  You are welcome to bring food with you for our vineyard, tubing, and concert trips – but we kindly ask that do not eat on the bus. 

Can I smoke on the bus?

No, there is no smoking allowed on the Boomerang Bus.

Can I leave my belongings on the bus while I am in inside a venue?

Yes. However, Boomerang Tours is not responsible for any items that are left on the bus or in the bars, or taken from the bus or from the bars, so please exercise care and remember that you don’t need to bring much to enjoy the Boomerang!

Do you have a lost and found?

Yes.  Please send us an email or call us at 202-557-9896 if you would like us to check the lost and found for you.

I bought a ticket, but I can’t make the check in time, can I meet you at one of the venues?

Yes. You can have a friend notify us at check in, or you can email us in advance. We will bring your wristband with us and check you in when you are able to meet up.

Do you have a partner hotel(s) that will give Boomerang riders a discount?

Yes! We have partnered with the Quincy Hotel at 18th & L st in DC, and the Hilton Hotel in Arlington.

The Quincy Hotel is a 6 minute walk to our Saturday night starting location.  They will give all Boomerang riders the special rate off of their best available rate onThursdays - Sundays. To book at the discounted rate, click here to enter your information on this discounted reservations link.

The Hilton in Arlington is a 4 minute walk to our Friday night starting location.   They will also give all Boomerang riders the special rate of 15% off their best available rate on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. To book at the discounted rate, click here. Or, you can call the Hilton at 1-800-Hiltons and refer to corporate code 2723967 to receive the discount.

Can I rent out the Boomerang Bus or Limo for a private party?

Yes, if you're interested in booking a private tour or chartering a Boomerang Bus or Limo, please see our Groups & Charters page for more information.  You can also email or call us at 202-557-9896.

Do you have a refund policy?  Are tickets transferrable?

Once purchased, tickets cannot be refunded because your space is being guaranteed at the event.  However, you are welcome to transfer your ticket to someone else. We do not need to be notified about a ticket transfer as the new person should simply use the original ticket holder’s name and ticket code during check-in.

If for any reason we are forced to cancel any of our tours due to weather, technical problems or due to any other unexpected circumstances we will either reschedule you to a different date, a different tour, or issue a full refund.

Is there a bathroom on the Boomerang?

To maximize seating and dancing room, there were no bathrooms installed on the Boomerang Buses. Think of it as a limo!

Does the Boomerang have heating and air conditioning?

The Boomerang has amazing heat in the colder months and this is a huge plus during the winter! In the summer, we keep our windows down and our roof hatches up to ensure a beautiful summer breeze.

I have questions about your excursions (vineyard, tubing, & concert), where should I find those answers?

If you click on the specific ticketing link for those events, you will find a FAQ section for each tour.

Did the Boomerang really add a limousine to its fleet?

Yes!  Boomerang Tours opened in 2006, and we have been growing ever since.  The Boomerang Limo participates in all of same fabulous events as the buses, except the limo must be rented privately (instead of purchasing individual tickets).  The limo holds eight passengers and is a great way to tour the vineyards, go bar hopping, cheer on the Redskins, or attend a concert!  Call or email us if you would like a quote or more information: Taylor@ridetheboomerang.com 202-557-9896


For your nightlife tours, where and when does my night on the Boomerang start?

The party starts at 9pm in Arlington on Fridays (the exact bar location will be on your ticket as the location can change), and at 9pm at Eden Nightclub in NW DC on Saturdays (Farragut North & Farragut West Metro). All of the detailed addresses and directions will be on your ticket, along with a map.

Where and when does my night on the Boomerang end?

The Boomerang usually leaves the last bar between 1:45 - 2:00am, Boomeranging you back safely to the starting location. Please note that all of our starting locations are Metro & taxi accessible.

What exactly happens when we “check-in” at the start of the night?

Upon arrival to our starting location, you will check-in with your Boomerang Hosts who will give you a Boomerang wristband and the time you will be boarding the bus.

Which bars and clubs do we visit?  When will I know the route?

After departing from our “check-in bar”, we will venture on to visit 3 additional bars & clubs in many different DC neighborhoods. We continually rotate the bars we use so that you can have a unique and fun experience on each trip. We stay at each bar for about an hour and you will be able to talk, dance, and meet other fun people at all of our stops.  We do not make reservations at the bars & clubs until the day of each tour for a variety of reasons, so no advanced notice is available. Please check out our Partners page to view a list of the hot spots we visit, and feel free to include requests in your message when you purchase your ticket, or as a separate email to info@ridetheboomerang.com.

Can I suggest or request my favorite bar or club?

Yes! If you would like to suggest or request a specific Bar or Club from our Partners page, please include this in the message section when you purchase your ticket, or in an email to us after you have purchased your ticket. We can't completely guarantee a stop at this destination since various things (private functions, special events, poor weather, multiple guest requests) pop up, so it is always helpful to list at least three- five of your favorite choices when making a request.

Can I stay on the bus instead of going inside the bars and clubs?

No, due to liability reasons, this is not permitted.

Do the bars and clubs have any dress codes I should know about?

Yes. The clubs that we visit require nightclub attire. Please no baseball hats, flip flops, sneakers, shorts, baggy T-shirts, or Timberlands. The clubs are strict, so please note that your entrance will NOT be guaranteed upon our arrival if you are wearing the above attire. Thanks