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Call Us if You Want to Have a 5-Star Adventure on the High Seas in Washington!

Adventure on the High Seas

There is nothing like a boat tour of Washington, DC to give you a sense of adventure! Not many people say they saw the infamous sites of the Capital on the open waters. It gives you a whole new perspective on the city!

On Boomerang Boat Tours, we cruise the Potomac with either a pirate ship or a yacht cruise ship. There are many sites that can be seen from our decks, including famous landmarks such as The Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument, along with the cherry blossom trees gifted to us from Japan. The sights are vast, and seeing it aboard a sailing vessel is both unique and fun!

Our cruise ships are far less crowded than tourist spots and are perfect for taking unimpeded pictures or simply enjoying the open views. All that stands between you and the famous monuments and our nation’s capital is open water. It’s a beautiful and unique way to experience the best of what Washington, DC has to offer.

Adventurous Amenities

We know you’re going to have a blast on your next Boomerang Boat Tour adventure! Our exclusive ships come with everything from open bars and bathrooms to large top decks for sightseeing or dancing. Our vessels have indoor spaces which are perfect if it’s not quite warm enough outside to be comfortable but you still want to see the sights. You will be comfortable watching the skyline out our large glass windows.

Imagine your wedding or corporate party traveling down the Potomac River in a beautiful boat, with an expert crew ready to take you on one unforgettable adventure after another. Whether it is during peak cherry blossom bloom, where every flower seems like it’s glowing in Technicolor perfection, or if it’s under the starry skies so deep they seem painted onto canvas, our excursions will make sure that each moment is magical!

Look for Wildlife!

People who visit Washington, DC don’t usually think of the wildlife, but we have a vast amount of fish, birds, and other animals! On our yacht tours on the Potomac River, you will see various types of birds, including hawks and herons. There are more than just waterfowl that frequent these famous waters. Playful otters swim along with trout below them, while majestic eagles soar overhead. It’s not everyday you can see a wildlife tour and historic sites while on a pirate cruise or sightseeing yacht!

No Crowds!

You don’t have to be a part of a huge group of people to enjoy our great city. By booking a cruise on the Potomac, you can avoid the long lines and wall-to-wall tourists. Our river tours allow for space to breathe and take in your surroundings while the gentle lapping of waves soothes your soul.

If you like bus tours and packing into crowded rooms to hear a generic rendition of history, we are the wrong tour for you. Instead, we offer a more serene, personalized tour that allows you as much anonymity or friend/family time as you wish! Your unique experience will allow you to spend time with your friends during a birthday party or focus on your loved one if you book a romantic night time cruise under the stars.

Boomerang Boat Tours for Your Next Adventure

Set sail with the Boomerang by booking online with our real-time calendar so Drinks On Boomerang Boat Tour Adventureyou can see up-to-date information and choose your perfect day or evening cruise. Contact us today at for more information about booking this fantastic cruise along DC’s famous river near landmark buildings such as The Jefferson Memorial and Arlington National Cemetery.

Our tours are affordable with drinks included in our fees. Check out our website for all the details and for our interactive calendar. If you want to reach out to us to ask questions, we are happy to speak with you to ensure your adventure on the Potomac is the best it can be! We look forward to hosting you along the famous Potomac River in Washington, DC. where we are known to be the safe, unique, and adventurous way to see our capital. Your memories and pictures from our tour will be unique and enjoyable!