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About Boomerang Boat Tours

Local Washingtonians, the Boomerang founders loved taking advantage of all the unique events DC had to offer throughout the years. From horse races to haunted forests to a local landscape dotted with vineyards, breweries, rivers, stadiums, nightclubs, & crab shacks, it was not uncommon for a weekend to come complete with a variety of festivals and nightlife options to choose from.

What was missing from DC’s exciting atmosphere was safe and affordable transportation. So after much planning and preparation, a bus, two career changes, and a lot of road maps, Boomerang Tours was born during the spring of 2006. Quickly becoming a favorite thing for locals in the know, Boomerang added a bus to its fleet each year (including a limo) while increasing its list of nightlife and excursion event offerings throughout the DC area.

Just like their buses, Boomerang’s creators- a married duo- were always on the move. Once it was established that Boomerang was here to stay, the couple decided it was time to make a splash by working on a new project which resulted in perhaps the coolest addition to any transportation company around The Boomerang Boat! Opening in the spring of 2012, the 80 passenger Boomerang Boat has enabled loyal followers to enjoy their waterways by providing a variety of unique cruises and special events on the Potomac River ten months out of the year. While incorporating live DJs, nautical cocktails, gorgeous sunsets, and panoramic views of our nation’s best monuments, Boomerang cruises received such great feedback that it wasn’t long before plans for a second ship began to develop!

Moving quickly, the Boomerang founders commissioned a project that would have seemed impossible to them back in 2006. But spring forward to April of 2013, and the Boomerang Pirate Ship was born! With fire engine red sleek paint and the sails blowing in the wind, this sturdy and powerful vessel was custom built as an addition to the ever-growing Boomerang fleet. Designed to scour the river of scallywags and stolen booty, this was the first Boomerang offering to provide adventure to children and adults alike. Operating family fun treasure hunt cruises during the day, along with their signature party cruises at night, the Boomerang Pirate Ship has been protecting the Potomac River- while providing endless memories- ever since!

Hold on to your anchors, sea dogs, because transitioning from land to ‘sea’ is not the end of the Boomerang story! Longing to offer cruises & private charters to an ever-growing Washingtonian, DC metro area, the Boomerang founders decided that a larger vessel would be required to really complete the fleet. ‘No one should be left on land when the Boomerang Boats set out to sea’! A 70-foot vessel was commissioned, and the 125 passenger Boomerang Party Yacht launched at the Georgetown waterfront in May of 2015!

As the Boomerang’s ten year anniversary approached in 2016, the team reflected on the years while realizing that their creative energies were being underutilized in the winter months. As the Potomac River froze over each January, visions of coconut trees and sandy beaches sailed through their heads. A Boomerang in the Caribbean, could that dream come true?

Reverting back to the original days of endless planning and preparation, the vision of an international Boomerang was on the horizon. We were thrilled to announce when a 50 foot Fountaine Pajot “Saba 50” Boomerang Catamaran began sailing the Caribbean seas in the British Virgin Islands starting in December 2016! With six cabins and room for up to 12 guests, the Boomerang Catamaran is available for charters from November through August every year!

So what are you waiting for? The Boomerang Team- consisting of experienced captains, friendly crew, enthusiastic hosts, and fearless pirates- are thrilled to have you onboard for an adventure like none other!

Welcome aboard!

Want to hear about what the pros think? To read about the wonderful press we have received over the years from the Washington Post, the Washingtonian, and many other accredited publications, visit our press page.

Think the Boomerang might be television worthy? We do too! Boomerang Tours has been featured on television four times, and we’ve also been contacted twice about doing a reality television show!

Our Television History:

Boomerang Tours on the Travel Channel

The Boomerang Party Yacht was highlighted on the Travel Channel’s Destination Showdown as one of the best things to do in Washington, DC. Have you seen the show? The Travel Channel pits two top notch cities against one another while judges rate them based on cuisine, attractions, and hotels. Washington, DC went up again Boston in the series premier while judges voted on which was the better city. In addition to featuring the Boomerang Party Yacht (as a ‘hidden hotspot’), they also highlighted The National Mall, Ben’s Chili Bowl, Filomena Ristorante, & The Mayflower Hotel. Needless to say –DC won!

Boomerang Tours on MTV:

The Boomerang Party Bus was featured in the second episode of MTV’s The Real World when they filmed in Washington, DC during the summer of 2009. Prior to MTV’s arrival in DC, Boomerang was contacted to plan the cast’s July 4th celebration. We couldn’t believe we were asked to party plan for MTV! We got right to work in order to arrange a television worthy party like none other. When the day finally arrived, our Boomerang Bus picked up the cast at their Real World mansion in DuPont Circle before bringing them to a historic yacht docked at the Gang Plank Marina in SW Washington. We invited the entire Boomerang team, along with our most loyal followers, and enjoyed open bar, catering, and a DJ while the fireworks exploded in the sky above. It was unreal how close we were to the National Monument during the show! After a booming yacht party, we hopped back on the Boomerang Party Bus and headed to Ultrabar Nightclub in downtown DC. Upon arrival, we were ushered up to the mezzanine level which was reserved for just our group (along with the entire cast, 13 members of their film crew, and their bodyguards). After an amazing time at Ultrabar, the Boomerang returned the cast to their mansion in the wee hours of the morning. We continued to party with the Real World cast throughout that summer, and they also rode the Boomerang Bus to an epic golf tournament that was sponsored by some of DC’s most popular bars & pubs a few weeks later.

Boomerang Tours on ABC:

ABC’s Channel 7 news came on board the Boomerang Pirate Ship to film a cruise we held for the Casey Cares non-profit organization during the summer of 2013. The Casey Cares Foundation provides ongoing, uplifting programs with a special touch to critically ill children and their families. They have a dedicated team of caring staff with years of experience in the field of helping critically ill children, many of who volunteer their time. Together, we put together a family fun treasure hunt cruise on board the Boomerang Pirate Ship which was a wild success resulting in grinning children with fists full of pirate’s treasure!

Boomerang Tours on The District Dish:

The District Dish interviewed Nikki, one of the two Boomerang founders, as the Boomerang Party Yacht was launching in DC during the spring of 2012. The District Dish is a local lifestyle talk show of people, places, happenings and other notes of interest to the District of Columbia. On air, Nikki discussed the Boomerang’s seven year history, along with the leap of faith it took to expand the business from land to ‘sea’!

About the Vessel
The Boomerang Pirate Ship was custom designed and built to U.S. Coast Guard requirements for use on the Potomac River in 2013.

Our ship is equipped with all of the latest life-saving equipment, including life jackets, life rings, and ship-to-shore radio. All of our captains hold their 100-ton master’s license, and they are the saltiest dogs on the river!

There are two restrooms on board, a full bar for refreshments, and a professional sound system with a large variety of music.

Washington DC Overview

Washington DC is a dynamic city of monuments, museums, government buildings, stately mansions and diverse neighborhoods. It is the 2nd most visited city in the country with millions of tourists visiting each year. Only New York City boasts more tourists.

As the capitol of the United States, Washington DC is a vibrant city with many famous historical government buildings and monuments. Some of the most visited include the White House, Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial and Washington Monument. Washington DC and its famous monuments are known as a symbol of freedom to the world. Here you will also find the Capitol Building, the tallest building in Washington DC besides the Washington monument. Visitors can tour the White House and visit other important government buildings such as the United States Supreme Court and the Library of Congress. Washington DC is also home to the Pentagon, headquarters of the United States Department of Defense.

Washington DC isn’t all about government though. Throughout Washington you will find many diverse neighborhoods that all have their own unique offerings. Georgetown is the oldest neighborhood in the area. It is home to the famous Georgetown University and has a vibrant, fun and trendy atmosphere.

Capitol Hill, also known as “The Hill” is home to the Capitol Building and other historical government buildings all mixed in with Victorian homes, restaurants and shopping. Other DC neighborhoods appeal to a younger hip crowd with eclectic shops, bars and clubs.

The art community thrives in Washington DC. Theaters feature plays, opera and chamber music and there is no lack of Art Galleries and funky shops featuring local artists. Washington DC is famous as the capitol of the United States but there is so much more here behind the scenes. Washington truly is a city for everyone.