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As locals in the vibrant city of Washington, D.C., the founders of Boomerang were passionate about exploring all the unique events the capital region had to offer over the years. From thrilling horse races in the spring, to enchanting haunted forests in October, the landscape was dotted with vineyards, breweries, rivers, stadiums, nightclubs, and crab shacks.  Weekends in the DC area consistently featured a diverse selection of festivals and nightlife options to choose from.

Yet, amidst all the excitement and weekend opportunities, there was a glaring gap to fill – the need for safe and affordable transportation. It was 2005, and the convenience of Uber had not yet graced the scene.  The brainstorming sessions on transportation solutions began, and the main consideration was how to make the transportation experience fun & sociable. Nikki, who was a high school teacher at the time, was no stranger to the daily demand of generating creative & unique ideas. Meanwhile, Dave, who was working in finance, excelled at handling the business aspects of the venture.

After extensive planning & leveraging their individual strengths, roadmaps were purchased, and two career changes followed.  Boomerang Bus Tours sprang to life with its first vibrant, colorful, and lively party bus in the summer of 2006.  Quickly embraced by locals in the know, Boomerang expanded its bus fleet each year, resulting in six large party buses and a limousine, while broadening its list of nightlife and excursion offerings across the D.C. area.

Much like their bustling bus business, the creators of Boomerang, a dynamic married duo, were always on the move. Once it was clear that Boomerang was here to stay, the couple decided it was time to make waves by embarking on a new project – creating perhaps the most exciting addition to any transportation company: The Boomerang Boat! Opening its doors in the spring of 2012, the 80-passenger Boomerang Boat allowed loyal followers to experience the beauty of D.C.’s waterways through a variety of unique cruises and special events on the Potomac River for nine months a year. Featuring live DJs, nautical cocktails, stunning sunsets, and panoramic views of our nation’s most iconic monuments, Boomerang cruises garnered such enthusiastic feedback that plans for a second ship immediately began to take shape.

Moving swiftly, the Boomerang founders embarked on a project that might have seemed impossible back in 2006. Fast forward to April 2013, and the Boomerang Pirate Ship was born! With its striking fire engine red paint and billowing sails, this sturdy vessel was custom-built as an addition to the ever-expanding Boomerang fleet. This was also the first Boomerang offering to provide adventure to children and adults alike. Designed for family friendly treasure hunt cruises during the day, and signature 21+ party cruises at night, the Boomerang Pirate Ship has been creating lasting memories ever since.

But the Boomerang journey didn’t end there! Recognizing the growing demand for cruises and private charters in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, the Boomerang founders decided to complete their fleet with an even larger vessel. A 70-foot vessel was quickly commissioned, and the 100 passenger Boomerang Party Yacht set sail at the Georgetown waterfront in May 2015.

Fast forward to the fall of 2019. After a successful eight-year run with the original Boomerang Boat on the Potomac River, the founders made the decision to elevate their inaugural vessel.  They revisited their creative roots and set plans in motion to replace their very first ship with a brand-new Party Yacht. Transitioning from white to blue, the construction of this exciting addition began with hopes of launching as soon as possible. However, the arrival of the pandemic brought delays and an eventual pause on the completion of the shiny new addition. It turns out that great ideas are worth the wait, and our newest boat finally set sail at the end of May in 2023. Adorned in Baby Blue paint, featuring a sleek bar, spacious top deck, state-of-the-art sound system, a fabulous indoor cabin, and room for 60 guests, this stunning vessel dazzled many Washingtonians with super fun and unforgettable cruises during the summer of 2023.

So what are you waiting for? The Boomerang Team, consisting of experienced captains, friendly crew, enthusiastic bartenders, and fearless pirates, is excited to have you on board for an adventure like no other!

Want to hear about what the pros think? Explore our press page to discover the fantastic reviews and features we’ve received over the years from respected publications like the Washington Post, the Washingtonian, and many more.

If you think the Boomerang deserves its place on television, you’re not alone! The Boomerang has been showcased on television on four occasions, and we’ve even been approached twice about the possibility of a reality television show. For further details, visit our press page to learn more about our media appearances and accolades.