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Celebrate Your Day In Style With A Party Boat Charter In Washington

People Partying On A Party Boat Charter

Are you excited for the big day and looking for an epic celebration? Do you have family and friends with whom you want to create beautiful memories? One of the most exciting ways to celebrate is with a party boat charter out on the ocean. You can sail the sea in a pirate ship to celebrate your big birthday or spend your anniversary on the waves with your friends and family. Here are a few tips to help you celebrate your best day in style with a party boat charter in Washington.

What Is Included?

Every party needs beverages. If you want a private charter, look for one that covers a premium open bar. These should have a selection of unique cocktails, seltzers, beer, and wines. They should also include sodas, juices, and water for those who prefer drinks without alcohol. Choose a private charter with a soda, juice, and water-only open bar if you want a family-friendly environment. Also, it is essential to note that most private charters do not allow outside alcohol to be brought on board the charter boat.

No party is complete without great music. Many charter companies recommend hiring outside DJs to bring music that best fits the occasion, although they usually have a list of regularly recommended DJs. These recommended DJs are often more familiar with the ship’s capabilities and can bring the equipment most suited to the party boat. There are often options to play music through phones, computers, or other devices linked to online music streaming services you can utilize. However you choose your music, be sure to give it some thought to add that energy and excitement to your party.

When choosing a party boat charter service, look at all the boat options they provide. If someone has already booked one of the boats you are looking at, you may want to pick a different option. Alternatively, keep an optional date change for your celebration in mind. The best charter services will have multiple options and help you choose an available party boat that best meets your needs.

Last but not least, there is food to consider. Some boats have a dining service they require you to use. These can often get expensive since you have no other options out on the water. It is frequently more budget-friendly to charter a party boat that allows you to bring your food and store it on board. There are rules regarding where and how you must keep the food and some regulations regarding how much or what kinds of food are allowed. Still, these party boats give you the most flexibility in feeding your guests on your special day. Look for a charter company with the best value and the most options.

How Do You Schedule a Party Boat?

To schedule a party boat charter, contact the charter company first. You then select your cruise date, time, and boat with them. Often, Party Boat Charter In Washington this process can be done online or over the phone. This scheduling and selection will confirm most of the initial details of your party boat cruise.

Next, contact your friends, family, and other guests. The charter company should have information to share with you that will help them confirm their availability to attend your celebration.

One common concern among guests is needing more tickets. If you are concerned that the tickets will sell out before securing your guests, you can purchase them all and distribute them yourself. Purchasing all the tickets costs more money upfront and leaves you responsible for collecting any money required from your guests, but it ensures that everyone has a spot available on the party boat.

If the party boat charter sounds like the excitement you’ve been looking for to celebrate your special day, contact us at Boomerang Boat Tours in Washington, DC. We are the top boat tour charter company in the area and have been in the area for the past two decades. With a Party Yacht, Party Boat, and Pirate Ship, we offer cruises along the Potomac River and the Georgetown Waterfront nine months out of every year. We have hosted many celebrities and special guests and remain an area favorite when celebrating in style.