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Family Fun Treasure Hunt Cruise

Quick Details

Infant Under 12 Months

Go on a Pirate Ship Treasure Hunt in DC

You see, me mateys, we are friendly pirates protecting the Nation’s Capital from any boisterous buccaneers that might get too close.

We house the city’s most valued treasure on board our ship, but recently the keys to our treasure chest were stolen! We need your help as we search the waterways looking for the scallywags who stole the keys to our precious loot.

If we find these scurvy dogs sailing the high seas, they better beware! In our search for treasure, you will enjoy:

• Family-friendly, interactive adventure: A hunt for the stolen keys to our city’s treasure chest
• Water cannon battles
• Music
• Face painting
• Booty & pirate souvenirs
• Pirate celebrations
• Washington DC’s famous cityscape including views of the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, Watergate, Kennedy Center, and Georgetown University.

We hope to welcome you aboard as we’ll need all the help that we can get… Sail ho!