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Call Us to Have a Blast on a Party Boat in Washington!

Party Boat

A party boat is always a terrific way to get people excited and ensure they have a good time, no matter what type of event you’re throwing. Imagine you and your closest buddies opening champagne bottles aboard a luxury boat, with a personal DJ spinning your favorite tracks and a caterer delivering your favorite foods and snacks. You can make your idea a reality by hosting your next party on a party boat! Let’s look at the benefits to renting a party boat and the best place to rent one for your ideal shindig.

The Benefits of Utilizing Party Boats

We’ve listed seven reasons to choose a party boat for your fun events:

  1. Safety: Renting a party boat is a very safe water adventure because a majority of party boats are not equipped to run at high speeds that put you at risk. They come with a variety of safety features that make them ideal for social gatherings. They are also constructed in such a way that they effortlessly sail through water without encountering any difficulties. A party boat is a great fit if you’re concerned about safety and comfort during your party.
  2. Great for Families: Party boats are also great for families who want to get out on the water and explore nature. This style of boat can comfortably accommodate your entire family. Most party boats also include cocktail bars and have all the amenities you need to have fun and be comfortable.
  3. Excellent Service: Our rental service has a catering team who will provide you with excellent service while on board. We will make a range of meals and serve you a selection of beverages. You will receive excellent service while having a good time on your party boat.
  4. Stunning Scenery: Another compelling reason to host a party boat event is to take in the breathtaking scenery. Venturing out on the water is a fantastic experience that is complemented by stunning surroundings. Boat parties have an air of exclusivity and excitement that few other venues can match. The surrounding sun and water will offer a great background for a daytime party. Even better are boat parties at night, with city lights and starry skies reflected on the water.
  5. Stress-free: There’s no need to stress yourself with the planning process that goes along with party boat events. Many party boat rentals have staff that can help you organize your celebration. That means they’ll collaborate with vendors to select the ideal d├ęcor, tableware, entertainment, and photos for the occasion. Choosing a theme for your boat party is one of the most essential things you can do.
  6. Cuisine: It could be the surreal setting or the contagious joy, but everything is much better on a boat, especially the food! The great cuisine is the icing on top of such an unforgettable eating experience. The food is an important aspect of any gathering. You don’t have to bother with cooking when you’re on a party boat. Instead, you’ll have the greatest caterers to round off your evening.
  7. Great for networking and containment: If you’re looking for a fun place to host an event, such as a company dinner or a family reunion, a party boat is a great option. Everyone will be able to spend ample time together. A party boat keeps everyone within visiting distance, as opposed to other locations where people can wander all over a building. On a party boat, you’ll be able to spend the full length of time enjoying all of your guests!

Choosing a Party Boat for Your Next Event

You probably don’t need much persuasion Boomerang Yachtto pick a party boat as the location for your next spectacular event. It’s a one-of-a-kind, unforgettable, completely-customizable excursion! The last step you need to do is choose the best boat rental business for your events. This is where we come in! At Boomerang Boat Tours, we’re fully committed to providing you with all the above benefits and more. We have a variety of boat sizes available for you to choose from, and we’re more than happy to serve you and your guests. Reach out to us today so we can help you plan your next party boat excursion!