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Hosting a Corporate Event on a Yacht: Costly or Pocket Friendly?

Corporate Event on a Yacht

Costs of hosting a corporate event are one of the major factors that determine the venues at which your event will take place. When it comes to corporate events, office spaces, banquet halls, gardens, and restaurants have dominated for years. However, these venues have become monotonous, leading people to seek options that offer something better and more enticing to attend. Simply, people are fed up with the same old experiences.

With modern jobs, both employers and employees have found themselves yearning for any opportunities to unwind and have some time to breathe while networking. Now, you can provide that “vacation-like” quality to your corporate event on a private yacht, while providing the perfect space to network and discuss business strategies!

Private Yacht Rentals is Truly an Affordable Option!

The notion that hosting events on yachts is exclusively for the rich and big corporations is absolutely untrue, especially today when there are many options. Regardless of the size of your company, you can host an event that leaves remarkable impacts on your partners, colleagues, and guests.

There is much to factor in when trying to determine whether hosting corporate events on a yacht is affordable for your business, so let’s take a closer look. Depending on the size of your company and how many members will attend, you may find keeping everyone within reaching distance on a yacht is better for premier networking! Your guests will also remember your event for being unique to the standard restaurant or banquet hall. Our private yacht rentals are affordable hourly, so you’re never overcharged for our stellar services and catering.

  • There are options for all budgets: The assumption that private yacht events are exclusively for well-established corporations is not true. We are a yacht charter company that offers options almost any company can afford! Also, each host can customize the event to match your preferences and eliminate the options that won’t work for your event. This can help cut the costs down and tailor the party to suit your needs.
  • Enhances your company image: It is undebatable that your corporate image in the modern world has a great impact on your reputation. It can mean success for your business or a slow downward spiral. Hosting a corporate event on a yacht has a sense of luxury and class that will not only impress your employees, but it also looks good for investors and partners. If you display your company in such a light, it can also gain respect from competitors.
  • You get more than you paid for: Imagine hosting an event where your guests don’t leave due to boredom after putting in an appearance. Yacht events are fun and provide opportunities for those important one-on-one business negotiations. Also, being outdoors and on the water, you and your guests are set for scenic views and a natural environment, making your corporate event feel like a mini-vacation.
  • Exclusive space: When you book a yacht for your corporate event, the entire yacht becomes yours. There is no sharing space with other events that can create confusion and there is no chance of disruptions by strangers, unlike at restaurants, gardens, and banquet halls.
  • Promotes company values and employee morale: Desirable corporate values and positive morale are essential for an employee’s performances at work. The environment on a yacht provides a break from monotonous schedules and promotes better socialization and confidence in their administrators. Yacht rentals for corporate meetings can lead to more relaxed and open conversations about fostering trust and promoting creativity.

Plan your Next Corporate Event with Boomerang Boat Tours in Washington, DC

If you have an upcoming corporate event and you Private Yacht Rental don’t know where to start or you are intimidated by the challenges when planning your event, trust in Boomerang Boat Tours to help you throughout the process!

Boomerang Boat Tours is a boat charter company that serves Washington DC’s Potomac River! We offer services for many kinds of events including birthday parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties, and corporate events. Our services are affordable and allow for options that you can easily personalize for your needs. When you are ready to hold your corporate event on a yacht, contact us to make reservations or to answer any questions you have!