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How Can You Rent a Party Yacht In Washington Without Much Fuss

Open Air Rooftop Cruise

Renting party yachts and party boats have gained popularity over the last few years. For people who live around bodies of water that can hold these boats and yachts, it is a great opportunity to explore this rather unique and tranquil party/event environment.

Washington, DC is one such state that boasts the existence of boat charter companies that allow you to view the capital’s natural beauty and historic sights as you cruise the Potomac River. Even if you have never hosted an event or had a few hour’s cruises on a party yacht, you’d agree that it sounds quite like a unique experience!

People rent party yacht cruises for different reasons. For some, it is about the urge to unleash their adventurous nature, others want to unwind, while some people want to give their family, friends, guests and colleagues extraordinary party experiences. For whichever reasons or occasions you are renting a party yacht, you can be sure of a good time!

Pro Tips for Renting the Perfect Party Yacht

Although renting a party yacht sounds simple, it can turn out to be a little difficult especially if you are planning to have a fairly big party. If you do not know how to go about it, you can miss out on finding the best party yacht: one that matches your preferences and satisfies all your needs and the needs of your guests. So, to be sure you get just what you are looking for, here are a few tips for renting the best party yacht in Washington, DC.

Do a little research about party yacht charters in Washington, DC

Perhaps this is the biggest secret to renting the best party yacht. With a little research, you will discover the best available party yacht charters and learn about the services they offer. You will know all kinds of vessels available from which you will choose the one that suits your criteria. Also, you will know what foods you can or cannot bring on board as well as the entertainment options available. In Washington DC, there are a good number of charter companies, but Boomerang Boat Tours is the best on the Potomac River!

Determine your event details

The first step to renting a party yacht that suits your needs is to determine your party details and preferences. This includes the number of guests that you’d like to invite, your preferred vessel and importantly your budget. Having these requisites in mind may help you and your booking agent save time and money by eliminating all the options that don’t fit your preferences.

Make early reservations

Booking in advance ensures that you don’t miss out on the opportunity to hold your event on the best available party yacht. With the growing popularity of party yachts, missing a slot is a big possibility. It is best to book as soon as you have determined the number of guests and the kind of vessel you prefer. Booking earlier also frees you from the last-minute pressure of having to rush things up and allows you to make changes you may need.

Moreover, when you book early, the crew will be prepared to accommodate any kind of requests that your party may have for its purpose. This helps the staff prepare all the security, safety, and entertainment measures that will ensure everyone’s wellbeing and enjoyment.

Talk to your guests about the event

Talking to your guests about the party yacht event is important when planning as it allows you to incorporate their preferences, too. This will ensure that your guests do not feel left out during the cruise or event. Also, they will be able to properly plan their schedule so as not to interfere with the set date.

Arrive early

It is a great idea that you and your guests arrive at the site at least half one hour before the set time. This makes it easier to get everything set so that you leave on time. Remember to bring the safety essentials that can protect you from the elements. These may include sunscreen lotions, sunglasses, and hats to protect you from the sun.

Boomerang Boat Tours: The Best in Washington, DC

If you are looking for the best party yacht Open Air Rooftop Cruise cruise in Washington, DC for any event, look no further! Boomerang Boat Tours has got you covered. We offer affordable boat and party yacht tours and events on the Potomac River. For years, we have lived up to our high reputation and standards of business. Join us on our top deck open-air party yacht cruise and enjoy unforgettable experiences with friends and family! Contact us today to make a reservation inquiry today. We look forward to making your party the best and most memorable for you and your guests.