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Reasons To Rent A Private Boat In Washington, DC

Private Boat Rental

Renting a private boat is a great option for you to take your parties or events to the next level. Whether you are planning a family and friends reunion, birthday party, weekend get-away or a corporate team–building event, a private boat provides a perfect environment that will create a long-lasting memory for you and your guests. Besides being unique, a private boat experience feels like a vacation, making it a great way to unwind from all the daily stresses.

In Washington DC, nothing gets any better than Boomerang Boat Tours. There are a multitude of things for you to enjoy if you are a water person. The Potomac River offers everything you need for entertainment. You can rent a private boat for your event any season for any time of the day. This gives an opportunity for great fun in the sun or under the moon on the open-air cruises on the Potomac River. This is where you get to enjoy the spectacular views of our historic city as well as the capital’s historic skyline.

Top Reasons to Rent a Private Boat

Renting a private boat is an affordable option

Considering all the benefits and exclusive features, it is fair to say that chartering a private boat is cheaper than venues with similar facilities. Moreover, renting allows you to have a far more personalized experience without owning a boat. It is no secret that owning a boat comes with hefty price tags and high maintenance costs. This makes it more of a liability than an asset. Renting, on the other hand, frees you from the financial strains that may result from having your own boat.

Renting allows for a variety of options

Unlike having your own boat, which would mean you are stuck with one vessel, private boat charters offer a variety of boats that you can choose from. You can settle on the one that best suits the number of people you want to bring on board, your personality as well as your budget. When you rent a private boat, the options are not only limited to the vessels, you can as well choose to bring your own entertainment crew, equipment, and foods and beverages that are accepted on board. You can also decide how long you want to stay and that is as long as your budget allows.

Unique experiences

Nothing beats the experience you will have when you rent a private boat for any occasion. Being surrounded by friends and family or colleagues, having a once in a lifetime bonding experience in a tranquil environment is priceless. The atmosphere has positive psychological effects that can improve your mood, making it easy for you to socialize and network with your guests. Also, you can learn a lot about water-based experiences from the expert crew of your boat.

Safety, security, and privacy

Safety and security are vital aspects of life that must be put first in any situation. Private boat charters go to lengths to ensure that the vessels are safe and secure for both guests and the crew. Before any trip, the vessels go through thorough technical and security inspections to ensure a smooth running of events. Also, they are equipped with lifesaving, evacuation and emergency procedures.

When it comes to privacy, nothing gets better than what a private boat can offer you and your guests. Here, access is available only for the invited guest and the selected crew. You may require privacy for a business meeting with potential clients. A private boat allows you to converse about sensitive company information without worries of being overheard by others at a large conference hall. The same privacy is afforded to those looking to keep your guest’s identity secure.

Charter Your Next Private Boat in Washington DC through Boomerang Boat Tours

Boomerang Boat Tours offer exceptional boat chartering services in Washington DC. Private Boat Party Our yachts and boats are equipped with large bars, bathrooms, top decks, indoor main cabins, dance floors, seating, catering space, and room to lounge, making the Boomerang Boat Tours fleet perfect for any private party occasion!

We are determined to create a safe and secure environment where you and your guests can have a tension-free experience. Call us today to inquire about the private charter and other services!