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Why Private Boat Charters Are So Popular In Washington

Private Party Boat

Washington, DC is a busy city, which of course means there’s lots to do, but it also means there’s generally a lot of people around. While blending in with the crowd and meeting new people can be fun, sometimes you just want to hang out with those you know and enjoy your time with them.

When you want a fun, private space, Boomerang Boat Tours is here to help. We offer private boat charters in Washington, DC so you can enjoy the city your way.

When to Charter a Private Boat

Private party boats can be a great way to celebrate a special occasion or just enjoy a day out on the water with friends and family. Pretty much anything you would consider renting an event hall for can be done on a private boat — after all, why not enjoy the water and the views of the city while celebrating and socializing?

Some of the occasions you might consider chartering a private boat for include:

  • Private Special Occasions: These include birthday celebrations, engagement parties, graduation parties, retirement parties, and more! Any time you want to get together to celebrate with friends and family, a private boat charter is a great option.
  • Work or School Functions: Washington, DC is a common field trip destination, and the kids deserve a little fun on top of all their educational stops! Likewise, if you own a business in the area or are in the area for a conference or meeting, a private boat is a great way to get to know each other and promote teamwork.
  • Family Reunions: Everyone looks forward to their family reunions, but how much more fun would it be on the water? If you’re planning a family reunion, consider booking a private boat for the venue.
  • Fundraisers: When you’re putting together a fundraiser, you have to think about what will appeal to the people you’re trying to garner donations from. A fun day on the river is always fun and will appeal to a wide range of people!
  • Holiday Party: The holiday season is certainly a busy one for most venues, and private boat rentals are no exception! Be sure to make your reservation early if you want to have a holiday party on the Potomac.

What can we do on our private boat?

Much like a land-bound venue, we have options! If you would like to serve food, you can hire any outside catering company or bring your own. The boats do not have a galley, but food can be served and kept hot with Sterno. While no outside alcohol is allowed on the ship, our prices do include an open bar (though of course keeping the bar closed is also an option!).

No party is complete without music, so we have a few options available. The most highly recommended option is the Boomerang DJ, which can be added to any private cruise for only $50 per hour. If you decide to not use the DJ, we can shuffle play our music, or you can play your own. Alternatively, if you have your own DJ in mind, they are welcome to come aboard and plug into our sound system!

Boomerang Boat Tour Private Charters

With so much customization available, it’s no Boomerang Private Party Boat Charterwonder that private boat charters are so popular in Washington DC! With the Potomac running right through the middle of town, our tours provide some great views for you to enjoy while socializing with your friends, family, or coworkers.

Washington DC is a busy city, with its museums, monuments, and government buildings bringing tourists in by the millions every year. At Boomerang Boat Tours, we strive to offer those tourists a chance to enjoy the city at a bit of a distance, taking a break from the hustle and bustle of the city without ever actually leaving its bounds.

We’ve been sailing the Potomac since 2012, with a fleet of boats that give you options in both size and appearance, so you can choose the best fit for your needs. We operate ten months out of the year, so call or book online today to charter a private boat for your next gathering!