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Budget Tips for Your Next Party Yacht Cruise

Party Yacht Cruise

Whether you’re booking a party yacht cruise for a birthday celebration, engagement party, family reunion, or something else altogether, there’s no doubt you’re looking forward to celebrating on the Potomac! However, we know how the costs for these events can add up, so we’re here to help with some budget-friendly tips on how to make the most of your next party yacht cruise.

Manage the Menu

Boomerang Boats do not come with a galley, so all food must be brought in from off the boat before we take off. For some parties, that means booking a catering company, but that can cost a pretty penny, especially if you have quite a few people in your party. With that in mind, here are a few alternatives to keep your guests fed:

  • Handle the food yourself. This is a great option if you’re a local with access to a kitchen, or if you’re only providing snacks or finger foods. You can bring the food yourself (along with the sterno to keep it warm and any serving utensils that may be needed, of course) and save big on catering!
  • Call for a potluck. If most of the people who will be joining you on your party yacht are locals, a potluck is a great way to bring people together and have fun! Whether you have a signup sheet to avoid duplicates or make it a true pot luck to see who shows up with what, you’re sure to have a blast with great food — and might even exchange a few recipes along the way!
  • Takeout is always an option! If you’re not feeling up to cooking, you can always simply grab some takeout! Whether it’s pizza, sandwich platters, or vats of pasta, takeout is an expense but certainly less of one than catering.

Evaluate Your Entertainment

When you’re planning your party on a yacht cruise, entertainment is sure to come into play. Generally speaking, that involves music. There are tons of great DJs in and around Washington DC, and we are happy to accommodate them on our boats by allowing them access to our sound system if you choose to go with one of them! However, many of these DJs are pricey, so we like to offer a few budget-friendly alternatives.

  • Here at Boomerang, we offer DJs through our company at only $50 per hour. This is far cheaper than you’re likely to find elsewhere, and our DJs make sure all of your guests are having a blast!
  • We can provide a fun mix of music off our Ipod.
  • You can bring your own music! This is a great option if you’re hosting a themed party, or even just a birthday party for someone who enjoys a certain band or specific genre of music. You can prepare a special playlist ahead of time to ensure you get to hear all the songs you’d have to request otherwise!

Do you need the whole boat?

If chartering a private boat is a bit out of your price range, no worries! Many of our customers have just as much if not more fun by joining in on a regularly scheduled cruise. These are available on our party yacht or pirate ship, and you can have your guests simply sign up for the intended time and ship individually. Of course, if at any time you need to check on the number of tickets left for a particular cruise, you can send us an email — we’re happy to help!

A Party for Every Budget

No matter what your budget is, there is a celebration Drinks Preparation At Party Yacht Cruise waiting for you on the Potomac! If you’re unsure of how best to make use of your budget on a party yacht cruise, contact Boomerang Boat Tours. We’ll be happy to run through your options and help you make the most of your budget while ensuring you and your guests have a blast on the river.

All of Boomerang’s vessels have bars, bathrooms, large top decks, indoor cabins, rooms for lounging and relaxing, seating, dance floors, and space for catering. These boats are designed with your fun in mind, and we are ready and waiting to help make that fun happen. Email us at today with any questions or to book the party yacht cruise of your dreams!