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Tips for the Most Enjoyable Open-Air Rooftop Cruise

People Enjoying At Open-Air Rooftop Cruise

An open-air rooftop deck on a yacht is a great way to enjoy the Washington, DC sights while cruising in style. Open-air decks are becoming increasingly popular on yachts of all sizes, as they provide a space to enjoy the fresh air and scenery while still being close to the many amenities of a large yacht. These uppermost decks are popular for sightseeing, dining, and simply relaxing while enjoying the view.

Day or night cruises on open-air boats can be used for various kinds of events such as parties, wedding receptions, corporate events, meetings, award ceremonies, and romantic evenings. The open-air deck provides many enticing features for any event!

Tips for Prime Open-Air Experiences

When cruising on an open-air yacht deck, you’ll want to make sure you’re prepared!

  • The weather: Weather will play a major role in your enjoyment. If it’s chilly, make sure to dress appropriately. Likewise, the summertime in Washington, DC can be blazing hot. Make sure to bring sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat, and comfortable shoes. Checking the weather forecast can also be helpful to avoid any surprises from rain showers or windy conditions.
  • Anticipate your personal needs: Cruising the Potomac on one of our party yachts means you won’t have access to stores for supplies, such as any medicines you need or personal items. Also, make sure to charge your phone beforehand for pictures to capture those unique moments on our party yachts!

The Benefits of Boomerang’s Open-Air Rooftop Cruises

  • Our cruise will take you on a journey through Washington, DC’s historic sites and give your guests an experience they’ll never forget. Being outdoors, feeling like royalty while surrounded by water will make this trip feel extra special and memorable for all your guests.
  • With our cruises on the Potomac, you won’t have to worry about large crowds and waiting in line to sight see. When you board one of our open-air vessels, the calm water is quiet and soothing, which allows you and your guests to focus on the reason you’re cruising. Leave the noisy streets and tourists behind.
  • The best part about having cocktails under stars? It’s something that can’t be found anywhere else than at our open-air party cruises, where we make sure every detail has been considered from start to finish, including drinks and amenities before we even set sail.
  • We provide personalized service to everyone on the guest list because our staff-to visitor ratio is usually three times as good than most events venues! Your special day won’t just get noticed; it’ll be respected and enjoyed by all who attend.
  • Our open-air cruise tours are budget-friendly! You can reserve this for a couple’s evening, a modest-sized event, fun recreational activities, and for friends for a one-of-a-kind birthday party!
  • Our yachts are equipped with state-of-the-art sound systems, lighting for the dance floor, and mood lighting on the open-air deck which will impress and delight.
  • You can take in the historic sites of Washington DC from the open-air top deck with a glass of wine and your favorite people. You won’t find this experience on a walking tour through the city or a closed-in bus ride on the streets. Our cruises are unique and relaxing!

Come Sailing with Boomerang!

If you are looking for the perfect open-air rooftop party cruise for your event, Boomerang's Open-Air Rooftop Cruisesjoin us on the upper deck of our yachts for a magnificent trip along the Potomac River. We sail the Potomac River, departing from the Georgetown Waterfront ten months out of the year! With close proximity to Annapolis, Baltimore, Alexandria, and Occoquan, we are the clear choice for a unique cruise.

Whether you want to soak up the sun during the day or enjoy the beautiful skyline in the evening, Boomerang Boat Tours has the perfect cruise for you. Enjoy the natural beauty and historical splendor of Washington, DC while fulfilling the need for a memorable and unique event.

To join our open-air yacht cruises, visit us at 3100 K Street Northwest, Washington, DC or call us at (202) 695-6597. We can’t wait to provide you with a wonderful open-air rooftop cruise, where you can relax and enjoy the scenery from one of the most special views in all of the DC area!