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What are the Benefits of Renting a Party Boat?

Boomerang Yacht

Most parties take place in hotels, convention rooms, private homes, or even parks, but for people who wish to have unique and memorable parties or events, sticking to these traditional confines does not work anymore. Instead, people opt for unique options, such as renting party boats or yachts, not only for the fun experience but also to utilize the benefits that come with it. Party boats are perfect for birthday parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties, and corporate events!

The Party Boat Environment Promotes Socialization

Unlike other venues where you may have to hunt people down all over to speak with them, party boats confine people in fairly limited spaces. Consequently, guests are prompted to have much deeper conversations and network with more people than they might in other larger environments. This helps your guests feel engaged, rather than out of place, as it happens at most parties. Additionally, this level of engagement and socialization can help boost both your confidence and your guest’s enjoyment, too!

The Atmosphere Around Water Provides Relaxation

Most people find the environment on the water to be relaxing. The sights and sounds of moving water have a remarkably positive psychological effect that can raise a person’s mood and quell their temper. This can be of significant importance for business or corporate events where some kind of decision-making is encouraged. Calm and relaxed minds are likely to make better decisions. The closeness of a party boat will help guests feel engaged, heard, and attended to by their host.

Party Boats Offer Added Privacy

If you ever thought about the best place to hold a party or an event without having to worry about uninvited guests, the party boat or yacht is undoubtedly your best option! Our boats are only accessible to the invited guests and our selected staff. This means that there are virtually no chances of malicious attendees ruining your party.

Fun for Adventurous People

Adventurous people love to do things out of the norm. They enjoy socializing and learning by exploring new places. When it comes to parties, there’s hardly anything adventurous people appreciate more than having a party on a private boat! For them, it goes far more than just meeting people and having a good time. The thrill lies in the natural beauty of the environment on the water and its surrounding beauties and charm.

Party Boats Provide the Opportunity to Participate in Additional Activities

Party boats do not limit party-time activities to music, dance, or food. Instead, it offers a perfect opportunity for you and your guests to take advantage of the event and engage in activities, such as spotting dolphins, learning about the Potomac River, and historic sightseeing as you cruise along. Also, party boats can be beneficial in that they can help you learn a few tricks that are important while boating. Moreover, you can learn about safety, rules, and regulations in the water environments for future boating excursions!

We offer a Safer Party Environment

One essential factor that you must consider for your party is the safety of your guests. Some boat rentals can become less safe, given that a few guests may become overly intoxicated, leading them to make irrational decisions. This also can compromise guest safety. However, Boomerang Boat Tours emphasizes professionalism. We employ strict measures that ensure both safety and security for all of your guests. As a result, there are far fewer chances of accidents and misunderstandings. As a reminder, there are no chances of unwelcome party crashers, which adds to the advantage of privacy, safety, and security in your event.

Now is the Time to Book a Party Boat with Boomerang Boat Tours!

Boomerang Boat Tours in Washington, DC is Staff Enjoying Party Boat the perfect option for you to experience the best Party Yacht, Party Boat, and Pirate Ship services. Our company is well known and highly reputable for our safety and enjoyment. Our experienced captains, friendly crew, and enthusiastic hosts will welcome you and your guests to your party!

Established in 2006 as a party bus services company, Boomerang Boat Tours transitioned from land to sea in 2012 and has since offered extraordinary services on the Potomac River. Seize your opportunity today and experience the most memorable party event in Washington DC! Contact us today to book your party boat and to learn more about our services.