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Which to Choose: A Party Yacht or a Private Boat for a Corporate Party?

Boomerang Party Yacht

If you’re planning a corporate party, the last thing you want is a boring affair for your guests. Undoubtedly, holding an event outside the bounds of tradition and normality is a great way to make it extraordinary and memorable. It is advisable to avoid the ordinary and boring hotel conference room, gardens parties, town hall events, or the crowded backroom of a restaurant.

Instead, consider a wholly-unique venue that is separated from those mundane experiences employees merely tolerate! A party yacht or private boat rental can elevate your party to become the event of the year.

When planning to charter a boat for such an event, you may find yourself overwhelmed with the task of deciding to rent a party yacht or a private boat. To make your decision-making process easier, it is important to understand the best vessel to satisfy your requirements for your event.

The Difference Between a Party Yacht and a Private Boat

Normally, the primary difference between a party yacht and a private boat is simply the usage, the boat’s size, and the amount of crew needed for safe vessel operation.

A Party Yacht

A party yacht is a boat that is big enough to host large events like live shows, a variety of celebrations of company milestones, launch parties, and courting future clients. They are designed to function as floating clubs, making them suitable for parties with a guest list of over 100 people as well as promotional events.

The amenities in a party yacht normally include multiple floors, a spacious dancefloor, bars, a sound system that spans the entire boat, a stage for a DJ or live band, and all the amenities and personalized service offered by the crew.

Party yachts usually have ample standing and seating rooms. Their pattern of decoration favors style, class, and the unique views offered while sailing the river.

A Private Boat

A private boat on the other hand is usually a luxurious boat that is typically built for outdoor recreational purposes such as relaxing, swimming, cruising, and sightseeing. They are designed with relaxation in mind and to provide a way to experience the water and the boating experience as a whole while giving you the ability to socialize with those aboard.

The amenities provided in a private boat rental include front and rear sun decks, a gathering area, a kitchenette, a lounge, and in some cases, a bar. Contrary to party yachts, most private boats lack performance stages or dancefloors.

Events that can be hosted on a private boat include selective corporate parties, private birthday parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties, and private weddings. Moreover, holding corporate events on private boats can increase networking opportunities and create a positive impression on attendees you may wish to influence.

Benefits of Hosting a Corporate Party on a Party Yacht or Private Boat

If you host your event aboard one of our chartered vessels, you will offer your guests an entirely different kind of experience and make the event stand out from the rest. And that’s not all. There are many more benefits as well, such as:

  • Promoting a Sociable Environment: A luxury boat cruise offers a rejuvenating experience that will make most people more amiable and, as a result, more sociable and open to chatting. The limited floor space also fosters a sense of community, encouraging people to talk to one another and network. All of this makes a rental vessel an excellent choice for corporate parties.
  • An Atmosphere for Relaxation: The sights and sound of moving water can be physiologically relaxing for most people, positively affecting their moods and tempers in calming ways. It is particularly critical to consider this if you will be hosting a meeting in which you are trying to persuade a client to hire your company’s services or to strike a deal for a corporate merger.
  • Quite Economical: A private boat charter is usually more economic than renting a venue with similar facilities. This exclusive party location has more exclusive features and benefits than a typical land-based facility.
  • Extra Privacy: When it comes to boat charter events, you can invite guests and select staff members and don’t have to worry about party crashers. Party crashers can’t access your event when it’s secluded on the water!

Boomerang Boat Tours Will Host Your Corporate Event!

Hotel and conference hall events are cliché Private Boat Charter and mundane. So, the next time you hold an exciting event, consider one of our chartered private vessels! You will never look at traditional venues the same way again. Reach out to us at Boomerang Boat Tours in Washington, DC for our amazing boat rental services!